Days Pale Ale 0.0% - A Tropical Sunset Made in Scotland

Proudly born, raised, and brewed in Scotland. The beer for doing. But how does it taste?


David Preston


Apr 11, 2021

Sometimes the Instagram algorithm can pull you into a dark vortex. You're left wondering where the last 2 hours went. Other times it shows you something you're happy you found. Discovering Days was one of those times.

Days is proudly born, raised and brewed in Scotland. They currently make a 0.0% Pale Ale and Lager.

In this post, I'll share my thoughts on the Days, Pale Ale.

Don't like reading? Same, watch the video instead.

The Brand

I'm a designer. Let me nerd out over this stuff please.

"Textured bottle labels are dope." - Wise Man, 1946

Overall the brand is strong. The bottle has got the Days logo beautifully embossed on a textured label. I also like how subtle the label is. It doesn't scream "ALCOHOL-FREE". Sometimes you're just not in the mood to answer, "Oh that's alcohol-free, why don't you drink?".

There's a strong message behind the brand.

"The beer for doing. What will you do with your days?".

They also give 2% of all revenue to forward-thinking mental health initiatives. It's great knowing you're backing that by buying their products.

They've also got an interesting loyalty program called Minutes. Whenever you buy from Days, you get Minutes which you can exchange for credit on your next order. A nice touch.

The website is clean, easy to use, and the beers arrive within a couple days (Days ey! Nice one Dave).


The Important Stuff

How does it taste?

It's got a classic golden colour. It looks fresh and inviting. There is also a decent amount of head after the pour.

The ingredients listed are: water, malted barley, hops extract, and natural flavouring. I don't know exactly what the natural flavouring is, but I can pick up on that specific taste. It's a bit more noticeable than the natural flavour you would get from the brewing process. It's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm assuming they did that to keep the ABV at 0.0% without compromising on flavour.

You can pick up on the fresh, hoppy aroma as soon as you start pouring. They describe it as vibrant with tropical overtones and I definitely agree with that. It smells great.

It feels great in the mouth too. Bold, smooth, and with a good level of carbonation.

brb, going to a tropical island.


Show me the money.

Here's the breakdown of what I ordered:

  • 12 x 330ml bottles for £25 shipping incl.
  • or £2.08 per 330ml bottle
  • or 63p per 100ml

From what I can tell, it's only available directly from the Days website.

Final thoughts

Look at that excitement. Full video at the top of this post.

This is a refreshing beer that would be ideal on a summers day outdoors. I can see myself cracking these open after hacking my way around the golf course this summer season. You could sip one to celebrate the summit of a long hike. Get the refreshing taste without the alcohol slowing you down on the way back.

All round an outstanding beer. It tastes great, looks great, is decent value, and is powered by a brand with a positive message. Thanks, Instagram, you came through this time.

Check out Days website for more information.


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